New Toshiba Satellite Click 10 Wi-Fi Certified

Today I found what appears to be an as of yet unheard of Toshiba Satellite Click 10 2-in-1 after I realised it had been officially Wi-Fi certified.

– Windows 10 tablets Toshiba Encore 10 / Toshiba Encore 10K officially announced July 30.
Pre-Order Toshiba Satellite Click 10 (LX0W-C64)
Toshiba Satellite Click 10 To Release In August)

Wi-Fi certification listings never reveal too much, but what we learn is that it has the model number Toshiba Satellite Click 10 LX0W-C, runs Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Pro (in the test), and has dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

What's more confusing though, is that it was certified in the same papers as a Toshiba Dynabook N40 and Toshiba Encore 10, with Dynabook being the name that Encore tablets are given in Asia.

Toshiba's series of Satellite Click tablets are 2-in-1's that all run Windows, and while they come in small 8.9-inch versions and large 13.3-inch versions, this would be the first 10.1-inch model in the Satellite Click family, if that's what it is.


Toshiba Satellite 2-in-1 FCC drawing
Toshiba Satellite 2-in-1 FCC drawing
Toshiba Satellite Click 10
The first Toshiba Satellite Click 10 image leak from Tabletmonkeys

– Jim Miller