How to Easily Make Backgrounds Transparent in Windows Photo App

In a recent Surface event, Microsoft introduced a background removal tool for the Paint and Paint 3D app. But now, they’ve taken it a step further by allowing users to remove backgrounds and make them transparent directly within the Photos app. This means you no longer have to open a separate app just to edit a photo you’re viewing. Here’s how to easily remove backgrounds and make them transparent using the Windows Photos app.

Change Image Background to Transparent in Photos

Now that this feature is available in the native Photos app on Windows, removing the background from any image is a piece of cake. Check out the steps below to see how it’s done.

  1. Open the image you want to edit in the Photos app. If the image isn’t opening in the Photos app, right-click on the image, select “Open with,” and choose “Photos.”
    Open image with Photos

  2. Once the image is opened in the Photos app, click on the “Edit image” icon (Ctrl + E).
    Edit image in Photos

  3. From the list of tools at the top, click on the “Background Blur” icon. From there, you can choose to blur, remove, or replace the background.
    Select Background Blur in Photos

  4. Click on “Remove” to remove the background of your selected image. It may take a few seconds to process.
    Remove background of image in Photos

  5. If the background removal isn’t accurate for your image, you can enable the toggle next to the “Background brush tool” and use “Add” or “Subtract” to fine-tune the transparency.
    Just adjust the brush size and softness according to your needs and edit the image with the cursor.
    Edit background replaced image in Photos

  6. Once you’re satisfied with the background removal, click on “Apply” to apply the edit.
    Apply background replaced image in Photos

  7. To save the image without the background, click on “Save options” and then choose “Save” or “Save as copy.” You can also select “Copy to clipboard” to paste the image where you want to use it.
    Save Options background replaced image in Photos

  8. After clicking on “Save as copy,” select the location where you want to save your image and click the “Save” button. By default, the format is PNG, but you can change that.
    Save button

Add or Adjust Background Blur of Image in Photos

Not only can you remove the background, but you can also add or adjust blur to your photos, creating a shallow depth of effect. Here’s how.

  1. After opening the image in the Photos app, go to “Edit” > “Background blur” as explained in the previous method and select “Blur.”
    Add blur in Photos

  2. Adjust the blur effect by sliding the level below “Blur intensity.” You can also edit the blur after enabling the toggle next to the “Background brush tool.”
    Edit Blur in Photos

Replace Background of Image in Photos

The “Replace” feature in the Photos app allows you to swap out the background of your image, but currently only with a solid color. This is a useful tool for editing professional-looking photos from the comfort of your own home, without requiring a plain background.

  1. Open the image and go to “Edit” > “Background blur” as explained in the previous method. Then select “Replace.” Here, you can select any color for the background of your image.
    Replace background on Photos

  2. Below the option to pick the color, you can enable the toggle next to the “Background brush tool” and fix the background in case of unsatisfactory results.
    Edit background replace on Photos

Quick Edits

With the integration of these features in the Photos app, you can avoid using free background remover tools that add watermarks and lower image resolution. Now you can do so much more without relying on any other app.

Note: You can also remove backgrounds from images on Android and iPhone.