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As much as we would like to, we do not offer technical support, and unfortunately we do not have the time to answer personal questions concerning tablets.


To advertise with us you may buy ad space through AdSense at different positions throughout this site, for whatever market around the world that suits your target audience.

As of April 2022 we are changing the company that sells ads directly to our site, and we will announce those changes that will benefit our advertisers at the end of April.


For requests for reviews of your tablets and accessories and information about what reviewers to send them to, contact us through Jim Miller’s email address below.

Press invitations

Unless all expenses are paid for by the host, including accommodation and transport, we only cover press events in the United States and Europe.
Please send your invitations to:


We have occasional offers for freelance journalists in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. For those interested in working with some of the world’s largest brands, this could be an exciting opportunity for young aspiring writers.

Main staff

Jim Miller
News editor (US)

Jim is the co-founder and US news editor who keeps an eye on all the important news and changes in the tablet and phablet industry. Despite his laid-back California approach, Jim still finds time to for journalism in between all of his surfing. Jim is the one to send questions about reviews, jobs, and invitations to press events to.

Tom Bowen
Global Editor-in-Chief
Tom is the other co-founder and work horse of this company. Writing from New York most of the time, Tom gets down and dirty to investigate how technology is being used in the real world, away from all the marketing hype.

Liz Ellen
Advertising Manager (UK)
Having recently joined us, Liz is now working part-time for us in London while we get better acquainted with the UK and rest of the European market. Liz have 10 years experience from working with leading computer brands.