Third And Fourth Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Picture Leak Shows White Version With The AKG Logo

We are just two days away from the Samsung Galaxy press conference on February 26, and Technobuffalo have leaked a third Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 picture, 10 days after the first picture was leaked by WinFuture, while MySmartprice have leaked a fourth picture of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 from the side.

The only new thing in these press images other than what we have seen before in the certification leaks, is the “Tuned by AKG” imprint in a picture, because like we broke the news of on February 11, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 features AKG speakers, and not just that, but 4 of them, making this a quad-audio tablet.

I expect these speakers to rotate according to the the way you are holding the tablet. Everything else about Samsung Tab S3 have pretty much leaked already.

One of the main questions was if the Wi-Fi version SM-T820 would be powered by the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor as the 4G LTE SM-T825 and SM-T827 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 would, but this question too was answered when I went through some new benchmarks, which showed that both the Wi-Fi model and the 4G LTE model(s) are powered by the same processor.

Specs like USB C, Quick Charge, the return of the LED flash, the S Pen inclusion, the keyboard, ane more, have long since been confirmed. The only specs that haven’t been confirmed, only been assumed by logic, is the 4K video recording support from the 12.9MP rear camera, and if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 actually does have faster UFS 2.0 storage like I think it does. We will know for sure in less than 48 hours.

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– Jim Miller

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