Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Specs Benchmarked Today For SM-T820 And SM-T825 Models (9.7)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs were benchmarked on four occasions today, but with the same specs each time, under the name Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, named with the accompanying model numbers SM-T820 and SM-T825. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs and benchmark looks legit based on the data that comes with it.

This is the first time a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been benchmarked. Unless Samsung wants all of their Tab S3 tablets to have built-in 4G LTE, the model that was benchmarked today, was the 4G LTE model SM-T825, and probably not the Wi-Fi model SM-T820, unless both the Wi-Fi and the 4G LTE models of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has the same processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs that were benchmarked today was first of all Android 7.0 Nougat, so that's a notch above the current Tab S2, although Samsung have promised Android 7.0 on the Tab S2 LTE version at least.

Then the Tab S3 9.7 has a 9.7-inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution display. The benchmark lists it as a 9.6-inch screen, but that's because of the way the benchmark software rounds off and interprets certain numbers, and it was the same story with the 9.7-inch Tab S2 on two separate occasions too, that it was benchmarked as a 9.6-inch tablet before it was launched. So screen size and resolution appears to be the same as on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs leaks
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs leaks

Then we get to the all important processor, and here the 4G LTE SM-T825 model at least is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with the Adreno 530 GPU. Sounds boring? At least the 3D graphics benchmark tests so far has shown this chipset to perform over 200% better than the original Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, if we judge it by the Car Chase, Manhattan, and T-Rex benchmark frame rates. So gamers and others who love heavy graphics will appreciate some of that performance boost.

Built-in storage on the benchmarked Tab S3 is 32GB, but then RAM capacity has been upped to what is listed as 3.3GB of RAM. A number that converts to 4GB RAM. The current Tab S2 has 3GB of RAM, but in gfx benchmarks it shows the Tab S2 with 2.7GB of RAM, so we should expect between 4GB of RAM on the Tab S3 (both the 9.7-inch and 8.0-inch models) it seems from these figures.

The front and rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 also appear to have been upped so that the Tab S3 rear camera can theoretically shoot 4K videos now. The rear camera has a 12.7MP resolution (4128 x 3096), which might be marketed as a 13MP camera, while the front camera is a 4.97MP camera, which will probably be marketed as a 5MP camera.

So these are the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 specs leaked today, and once again this appears to be for the 4G LTE version of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 tablet with Super AMOLED display. If there will be a different processor in the Wi-Fi only model remains to be seen.

From earlier leaks, the SM-T820 and SM-T825 have officially been Wi-Fi certified with dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth certified with Bluetooth 4.2.

Last week it was wondered if the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 might feature a USB-Type C port and faster UFS 2.0 storage, but this is unconfirmed.

There are currently two versions of the 8-inch and 9.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets on the market. The original Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and the more powerful new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

The next industry trade show is the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona between February 27 and March 2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 benchmark
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 benchmarks

– Tom Bowen