Android 5.0 Hits Nexus Tablets And NVIDIA Shield – Sony & Samsung Later

One of the most annoying aspects of owning Android devices is the extremely slow rollout of updated version of the Android operating system. It’s enough of a phenomenon to even make it’s own headlines pr smartphone or tablet, which is ridiculous when you think about it. You don’t see that with Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows OS, both of which are now incidentily version 8.1 at the moment.

The latest Android 5.0 Lollipop have been released already, starting with the brand new and slightly faulty Nexus 9. Other Nexus tablets, like Nexus 7 FHD and Nexus 10 have just started to receive the latest Android edition, but the rollout takes time, so it hasn’t hit all Nexus tablets worldwide yet.

Who’s next?
NVIDIA announced today that their latest gaming tablet, the Tegra K1 powered SHIELD Tablet will be the first non-Google tablet to receive Android 5.0, with a rollout starting on November 18.

NVIDIA is so also throwing in the computer game Half-Life 2: Episode One and their GRID on-demand gaming service with over 20 more titles next Tuesday.

Both Sony and Samsung have announced Android 5.0 update to their tablets – for next year. But, fortunately 2015 is just 2 months away, and at least Sony will even update the Xperia Tablet Z, which will be over 2 years old by then. It still remains to be seen how far back Samsung will stretch itself with their updates.

– Tom Bowen

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