What Is The Newest iPad? All Apple iPad Series, Generations In Order

Apple first introduced the iPad in 2010, sparking a revolution in mobile computing and tablets. Since then, the company has steadily released updated models and spin-off lines to suit different users’ needs. Understanding the differences between the various iPad offerings can be confusing, so here is a comprehensive guide.

What is the latest iPad generation?

The latest iPad Pro is 6th Generation iPad Pro in 2022

The latest iPad Air is  5th Generation iPad Air in 2022

The latest iPad Gen is 10th Generation iPad Gen in 2022

The latest iPad Mini is 6th Generation iPad Mini in 2021

List of Apple iPad Generations In Order

The list covers iPad details, specs, features, launch years, iPad OS, and more.

iPad series In Order

ModelGenerationRelease YearScreen SizeCPUPort TypePencil CompatibilityLatest iPadOSStatus
iPad10th202210.9"A14Lightning1st Gen/2nd Gen17.2Current
iPad9th202110.2"A13Lightning1st Gen17.2Current
iPad8th202010.2"A12Lightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad7th201910.2"A10Lightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad6th20189.7"A10Lightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad5th20179.7"A9Lightning1st Gen16.7.2003Discontinued
iPad3rd20129.7"A5X30 Pin DockNone9.3.5/9.3.6Discontinued
iPad2nd20119.7"A530 Pin DockNone9.3.5/9.3.6Discontinued
iPad1st20109.7"A430 Pin DockNone5.1.2005Discontinued

iPad Mini series In Order

iPad Mini series
iPad Mini series
ModelGenerationRelease YearScreen SizeCPUPort TypePencil CompatibilityLatest iPadOSStatus
iPad Mini6th20218.3"A15USB-C2nd Gen17.2Current
iPad Mini5th20197.9"A12Lightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Mini 44th20157.9"A8LightningNone15.8Discontinued
iPad Mini 33rd20147.9"A7LightningNone12.5.2007Discontinued
iPad Mini 22nd20137.9"A7LightningNone12.5.2007Discontinued
iPad Mini1st20127.9"A5LightningNone9.3.5/9.3.6Discontinued

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iPad Air series In Order

ModelGenerationRelease YearScreen SizeCPUPort TypePencil CompatibilityLatest iPadOSStatus
iPad Air5th202210.9"M1USB-C2nd Gen17.2Current
iPad Air4th202010.9"A14USB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Air3rd201910.5"A12Lightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Air 22nd20149.7"A8XLightningNone15.8Discontinued
iPad Air1st20139.7"A730 Pin DockNone12.5.2007Discontinued

iPad Pro series In Order

iPad Pro series
iPad Pro series
ModelGenerationRelease YearScreen SizeCPUPort TypePencil CompatibilityLatest iPadOSStatus
iPad Pro 12.9"6th202212.9"M2USB-C2nd Gen17.2Current
iPad Pro 11"4th202211"M2USB-C2nd Gen17.2Current
iPad Pro 12.9"5th202112.9"M1USB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 11"3rd202111"M1USB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 12.9"4th202012.9"A12ZUSB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 11"2nd202011"A12ZUSB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 12.9"3rd201812.9"A12XUSB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 11"1st201811"A12XUSB-C2nd Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 12.9"2nd201712.9"A10XLightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 10.5"1st201710.5"A10XLightning1st Gen17.2Discontinued
iPad Pro 9.7"1st20169.7"A9XLightning1st Gen16.7.2003Discontinued
iPad Pro 12.9"1st201512.9"A9XLightning1st Gen16.7.2003Discontinued

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iPad Revolution over time

The evolution of the iPad over the years has been nothing short of remarkable, especially evident in key aspects such as operating systems, screen sizes, and overall trends.

Operating Systems

One significant milestone occurred in 2019 when the iPad transitioned from iOS to iPadOS, signaling a move towards a more tailored and versatile operating system designed specifically for the iPad’s capabilities.

Screen Sizes

ipad screen sizes over generation
ipad screen sizes over generation

The range of screen sizes has expanded to cater to diverse user preferences. From the compact 7.9″ display on the iPad mini to the expansive 12.9″ screen on the largest Pro model, there is a size to suit every need. The introduction of the 10.9″ size has gained popularity, striking a balance between portability and productivity.

iPad’s evolution is not only evident in its physical attributes but also in its overall trends. Over time, iPads have become thinner, faster, and more technologically advanced. The addition of accessories like the Apple Pencil and keyboard enhances the versatility and functionality of the device, transforming it into a powerful tool for both creativity and productivity.

Exploring the IPAD Revolution
Exploring the IPAD Revolution


  1. Multiple models for different needs
  2. Thinner, lighter, more advanced over time
  3. Improved display, camera, memory, speed
  4. Accessories like Apple Pencil and keyboard


  1. Expensive
  2. New models released frequently

We like the iPad because Apple has consistently improved its design and performance over the years. The iPad dominates the tablet market with its intuitive touchscreen interface, quality hardware, and extensive app ecosystem. While frequent upgrades can be costly, Apple offers iPad models for a range of budgets and needs.

– Jim Miller

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