Timeline For Apple’s iPad Launches In 2024 (Kuo)

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo published a good recap of his predictions for Apple's 2024 iPad lineup on his
Medium page today.

Kuo has the best track record on coming iPad launches of anyone covering Apple products, so they are worth taking seriously.

2024 Apple iPad Air 10.9 and 12.9.
A first iPad Air 12.9 is scheduled for production in Q1 alongside an upgraded iPad Air 10.9. So that's literally big news.

2024 Apple iPad Timeline Launches

Though at the same time, this wouldn't be the first time that Apple has taken a former iPad Pro and turned it into an iPad Air, as long as their current iPad Pro moves up yet another notch.

2024 Apple iPad Pro 13 and iPad Pro 11.
These first OLED iPads are scheduled for production a little later than originally planned, between Q1 and Q2, and will feature the new Apple M3 processor that has already found their way into Macs.

2024 iPad mini.
Expected to go into production in the second half of next year.

2024 iPad 11
The new main iPad will also go into production in the second half of next year.

Current iPad 10.2
The cheapest iPad in the range, which has been on sale all the way down to $249, will cease production before the end of 2024.

So that's useful to know before Christmas season, so people don't end up waiting for something that's too far out in time.

– Jim Miller