The Top 5 Largest Tablet Brands Last Year – Apple Sold Two iPads Every Second In 2022

Market intelligence company IDC has published the 2022 tablet sales figures, including the latest Q4 2022 tablet computer stats, which gives us an indication of how the largest tablet brands were doing last year.

The IDC figures used in these charts are preliminary figures, so they won't be 100% exact yet, but enough ballpark it.

Samsung didn't expand their portfolio too radically last year apart from launching the large 14.6-inch Ultra version of their Galaxy Tab S8 flagship series, so Apple actually managed to grow their iPad sales last year, with their line of very solid tablets across the range.

The largest tablet computer brands of 2022

In total, the figures says Apple sold 61.8 million iPads in 2022, which is almost two iPads being sold every second. And there are people who say tablets are dead.

Samsung came in second with 30.3 million tablets sold last year, with Amazon in third place with 16 million Fire tablets sold.

Lenovo lost a lot of ground last year, to a large degree because the education sector bought a lot fewer Chrome tablets than in 2021. Lenovo has an expanding tablet portfolio at the moment, which is increasing, so once all those tablets are launched, they have a chance of recapturing some ground though.

Huawei was ranked fifth with 9.1 million tablets sold last year, which was also a decline of almost 10%.

Lots of new tablet brands have entered the tablet market the last two years though, so the competition will continue to be tough among the Android, Windows, and Chrome tablets.

– Tom Bowen