[Rumor] LG Secures Majority of OLED Panel Orders for Apple’s First OLED iPad Pro

LG has negotiated a deal to supply the majority of OLED panels for Apple’s highly anticipated first generation of OLED iPad Pros, according to industry sources.

The South Korean display maker is positioned to provide between 6.2 and 6.5 million OLED panels per year for the new tablets, surpassing rival Samsung’s planned contribution of up to 4 million units.

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The company previously lagged behind Samsung in supplying OLED displays for earlier iPhone models. But LG has now overtaken Samsung to command the larger volume of orders from Apple for the important launch of the first OLED iPad Pro lineup.

LG is slated to begin mass production of the OLED iPad Pro panels as early as February 2024. The company has reportedly resolved earlier issues over advanced payment terms with Apple that had hindered its ability to ramp up manufacturing scale.

With the new agreement in place, LG appears ready to produce at high volume to meet Apple’s exacting demands.

A key factor allowing LG to achieve greater supply share is its expertise with the two-stack tandem OLED structure being used for the new iPad Pro displays.

This innovative two-layer design provides enhanced brightness, color accuracy and power efficiency. LG currently leads the industry in mass production capability for this cutting-edge structure.

In contrast, Samsung has faced challenges engineering its production lines for the two-stack OLED panels. Supply chain sources indicate Samsung encountered significant process yield issues related to power heat generation that have been difficult to overcome.

With LG’s advantages in two-stack OLED manufacturing, it makes sense that Apple would look to secure more supply from them for this launch.

The new 11-inch and 13-inch OLED iPad Pro models promise to raise the bar for Apple’s tablet displays. Adopting OLED technology will enable higher quality visuals with increased contrast, true blacks and a wider color gamut.

Apple fans eagerly anticipating the new iPad Pro upgrade can likely look forward to LG’s state-of-the-art OLED panels bringing a best-in-class viewing experience.

Original Source: https://m.blog.naver.com/yeux1122/223305556318

– Jim Miller

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