How To Get A Free iPad In 2024?

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Looking for legal ways to get your hands on a free iPad in 2024? Don’t worry, We have got you covered. iPad is a versatile device that you can use for studying, management, entertainment, photography, etc.

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iPad is a portable, multifunctional device that comes with an attractive user interface and display. However, due to the high price of the device, some people cannot afford it and this is where they can apply for a government tablet as a low income individual. 

In this article, we will go through some legal ways through which you can get your hands on an iPad for free or get a good discount. So, without wasting any more time, let us get into the details of different ways to get the device.

How To Get Your Free iPad Through A Government Grant?

Government grants are the financial grants offered by the government to support a cause or a specific group of people in the country to offer theme benefits. You have to fill out an application and fulfill the eligibility criteria to get an iPad through one of the grants.

Here are some examples of the grants and how you can get an iPad through them.

  • Cerner Charitable Foundation

If an iPad directly helps to improve the health of your kid, then the charity will allow an iPad for your child. For example, if your child is diagnosed properly and the result says that an iPad is essential for proper learning and communication then the charity will provide an iPad.

  • Danny’s Wish

Danny’s Wish is the mission to provide resources to children and families who are suffering from the effects of autism disorder and the autism spectrum. Families who have children suffering from autism and have low incomes can get a free iPad through this program.

The eligibility slab for income in this program is 75K dollars per annum. The application is accepted during a specific time frame that starts from 1 September to 31 December every year.

  • Different Needz Foundation 

The Different Needz Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. Founded on the principle of inclusivity, it strives to empower and advocate for those with special needs, ensuring they have access to resources, opportunities, and acceptance within society.

Through various programs and initiatives, including education, employment assistance, and community outreach, the foundation works tirelessly to promote equality and enhance the quality of life for people of all abilities. You can get help from the foundation for an iPad and other resources if you need it.

There are several programs like the ones mentioned above through which you can get a free or discounted iPad.

Eligibility Criteria For Government Programs To Get Free iPad or Tablet

There are some government programs like ACP and Lifeline where several mobile carriers participate to offer heavy discounts on smart devices like iPads. You have to apply for the program by checking to fulfill the eligibility criteria and then picking the right service partner in the program like Sky Mobile, Qlink Wireless, StandUp Wireless, etc to get a discounted iPad.

  • Eligibility Criteria For Lifeline

Your gross household income should be less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Standard. The gross income means the total income of your household. The slab for eligibility will vary with the state and the total number of persons in your household. You can check the slab here according to your state and the total number of members in your household.

Besides this, if any member in your household is part of a government assistance program like SNAP, Tribal assistance programs, Medicaid, SSI, etc, then you can avail the benefits of the Lifeline program.

  • Eligibility Criteria For ACP

The gross household income to qualify for ACP is less than or equal to 200% of the Federal Poverty Standard. The minimum slab will depend on your state and total number of members of your household.

Moreover, if any house member is participating in any other government assistance programs like SNAP, FPHA, SSI, Medicaid, or Lifeline, then you can avail the benefits of ACP. However, currently, the applications for ACP are closed.

5 Alternative Legitimate Ways To Get A Free iPad

  1. Participating in Online Giveaways And Contests

You will find several companies that host giveaway events to give free iPads as prizes on their websites, social media channels, etc. You have to fill out a form, complete a survey, or follow the given instructions to participate in the contests and giveaways.

If you are a lucky winner then you can get a free iPad from these contests and giveaways. Make sure to follow all the rules carefully to increase your chance of winning. Moreover, make sure that you participate in trusted contests and giveaway programs and avoid falling into a bear trap.

  1. Participating in Surveys

Participating in legitimate surveys can indeed be a legal and rewarding way to earn a free iPad. Reputable market research companies often offer incentives, including gadgets like iPads, for completing surveys. These companies gather valuable insights from participants to improve products and services.

However, it's crucial to verify the legitimacy of the survey provider to avoid scams. Legitimate surveys will never ask for sensitive information like credit card details or social security numbers. So, stay safe and participate only in a reliable survey after comprehensive research to get your hands on a free device.

  1. Signing up for Loyalty Programs

Several stores and companies offer loyalty points when you purchase their services and products from their stores. These loyalty points can be redeemed to get an iPad or other products that are offered by the stores and companies. So, frequent shopping from a particular store or brand that offers loyalty programs can help you accumulate enough points to get your hands on a free iPad.

  1. Becoming a Product Tester

You can become a product tester for a company that deals in electronic devices or other related products. There are many companies that are looking for suitable individuals to test their products and provide correct feedback on the functionality and usability so that they can improve their product before launching it into the market. In return for your service of testing the product, they can offer a free iPad.

  1. Opting For Non-Profit Grant

Another way to get a free iPad legally is through a non-profit organization that offers a grant under which you can get the device. First, you have to research non-profit organizations that offer grants. You have to research locally and online to find the organizations.

Once you have researched the organizations, then you have to follow the grant guidelines carefully and see whether you fulfill the eligibility criteria or not. After this, you have to prepare your application if you fulfill everything and then offer proper documentation to get help from the grant. If your application is accepted you will get a free iPad or funds to buy it.


  1. Can I Get A Free iPad Without A Scam?

Yes, you can get a free iPad without scams through government grants, legitimate surveys, giveaway contests, and non-profit organization grants. You can check the details on all legitimate ways in the above article.

  1. How Can College Students Get A Free iPad?

While there is no free way to get an iPad for college students, Apple offers good discounts on the price of the iPad through UNiDAYS. You have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get the discounts on the device.

  1. Are Free iPhone/iPad Giveaways Real?

There are some giveaway contests through which you can get a free iPad. However, you have to research the online market and stay active on social media platforms to find legitimate giveaway contests.