Apple Negotiating For AMOLED Displays On iPad Mini 8 And iPad Air 7

Well informed South Korean leakester Yeux says more iPad are likely to get OLED displays.

According to supply chain sources, Apple has started negotiations with both the OLED screen leaders LG Display and Samsung, as well as Chinese OLED manufacturers for AMOLED displays to be used in two new iPads other than next year's upcoming iPad Pros.

And because of the size and specs, the AMOLED screens are believed to belong to iPad mini and iPad Air.

The goal seems to be mass production after 2025, which means that these OLED iPads should be the iPad Mini 8 and iPad Air 7, and that there will be one more LCD cycle for the iPad mini 7 and iPad Air 6 next year, before they too receive an OLED overhaul.

Both of the present iPad Air 5 and iPad mini 6 are on sale today with $100 off, during the Amazon Prime sales day.

– Tom Bowen