Huawei Event On May 23rd For Flagship Models

Huawei is constantly holding new events around the world on new products and special editions, and also participates in a large amount of conferences at the same time, so trying to time a new product launch to one of their future events requires some extra caution.

But now a possible launch date for the new Huawei MateBook family and other new Huawei tablets may have been narrowed in after journalist Roland Quandt mentioned on his Twitter account that Huawei has sent out invitations for a Huawei event on May 23rd, where they will launch a new flagship product.

The timing seems to fit, although it feels excruciating to wait for over a month, now that we seem to have all the main leaks covered already. The Huawei computer and tablet products that have leaked so far but lacks an official unveiling are:

Huawei MateBook 2, aka Huawei MateBook E, the new 12-inch MateBook 2-in-1 tablet with Windows 10.

13.3 Huawei MateBook D, the first 13-inch Huawei MateBook with Windows 10.

15.6 Huawei MateBook X, their largest Huawei MateBook with Windows 10.

And in addition to the MateBook family, there are also 4 new Huawei Android tablets awaiting a launch too:

Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite, a new 10.1-inch Full HD Android 7.0 tablet with 3GB of RAM.

So a lot to look forward to already, and who knows what else may turn up before the launch.

Huawei MediaPad T3 7, T3 8, T3 10, three new budget tablets inn the 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch category with HD resolution, Android 7.0, and optional 4G LTE.

The first Huawei Matebook, soon to be joined by a larger family

– Jim Miller

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