18.4-Inch Samsung Tablet Spotted

So this could be interesting. A 18.4-inch Samsung tablet is again and again imported into India for testing according to the import list of the Indian trade register Zauba.

(UPDATE: 18.4-Inch Samsung Tablet (SM-T670) Specs)

Since July, several units of this tablet have been imported on three occasions, last of which was on August 1.
At 18.4 inches it’s no longer mobile enough to be considered a tablet computer, other than still maintaining the flat pancake form factor of a tablet, but through the Indian trade register it is in fact listed as a tablet nonetheless, and not AIO or LCD display, though it is also listed as a M2M.

Samsung have yet to announce or hint towards the existence of any such device. But for two years there have been repeated leaks and occasional spottings of tablets larger than the largest 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablets Samsung currently produce.

Samsung 18.4-inch tablet M2M
Samsung 18.4-inch tablet

These are the 13.3-inch “Warhol” tablet, a Samsung Android tablet with 4GB of RAM, and the Samsung Tab S Pro. And now this new 18.4-inch Samsung tablet is added to the list as well.

Asus did in fact launch a tablet of this magnitude in 2013, but they generally called it a AIO, even though it was shaped like a tablet with a large docking for it. This Asus Transformer AIO has dual-OS Android and Windows, 1920×1080 resolution, Intel Core i5 processor, and 8GB of RAM. Others have also followed suit, like Dell with their own 18.4-inch Dell XPS 18 tablet, so 18.4-inch tablets definitely exists.

Samsung SM-T670

– Tom Bowen

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