Samsung Tab S Pro Tablets Trademarked

Samsung have trademarked tablets named Tab S Pro, which we know nothing about yet, but it obviously sounds like a crossover of the Galaxy Tab Pro tablets and the Galaxy Tab S tablets. But at this point we don't even know if Samsung have just trademarked the name or if this is really a tablet that's in the pipeline.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Android tablets were launched in 2014, and two of them were forerunners to the Galaxy Tab S tablets. These were the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, tablets that had most of the same high specs as the Galaxy Tab S tablets, apart from the Amoled display and some hardware differences, like on some models, a Qualcomm processor instead of the octa-core Samsung processor.

Two 12.2-inch Pro versions were also launched at the same time, and these were the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, and the note taking S Pen equipped Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

These tablet's weren't cheap when they were launched but they soon ended up cheaper than the Galaxy Tab S tablets that were launched after them, and the whole range of them is now on sale, some of them at exceptional value.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Now Priced

Samsung Tab S Pro
Samsung Tab S Pro

– Jim Miller