4GB Android Tablet By Samsung Benchmarked

Roland Quandt writing for Winfuture have discovered a new unofficial Android tablet from Samsung listed with 4GB of RAM in a benchmark test yesterday.

This is the first time this tablet have been heard of. And even though all benchmark listings have to taken with a pinch of salt, the leaks from Primatelabs are probably real. After a little digging, I found out that the first listing dates back to May 6, when this tablet that's codenamed Samsung CHOPIN-LTE, was listed with Android 5.1, a 64-bit 2.24 GHz Intel Atom x5-Z8500 quad-core processor, and 3869 MB of RAM – or 4GB RAM if you will.

It's an interesting tablet based on the processor as well as being the first Android tablet to sport 4GB of RAM.
While Windows tablets commonly have up to 8GB of RAM, even “just” 3GB of RAM is rare on Android tablets, and high-end tablets from Samsung and Sony have been among the few exceptions to have 3GB of RAM.

So an increase up to 4GB is interesting because it will eventually lead to extended uses of Android tablets, with an increased attention towards typical Office tasks, like we have already seen on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets that ship with Microsoft Office for Android.

Samsung 4GB Android Tablet
Samsung's 4GB Android Tablet “Chopin”

– Jim Miller