Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Unveiling July 26 – Taking Reservations Today – Confirms Screen Size

Samsung made two official announcements for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets today.

First they announced July 26 as the specific date for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event. This had been expected for two months already, but at least we know now. They will be released August 11.

Then later in the day, Samsung also started taking reservations for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets as well as peripherals, smartwatches, and phones it will launch then, while at the same time giving people who make reservations before July 26, a $50 credit:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 dimensions and screen size in mm
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 (SM-X710)

This has been a regular practice by Samsung for a couple of years now, and considering that all stores will sell the devices for the same prices, this is an opportunity to get some free goodies with the purchase.

In related Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 news, I also noticed a few days ago that Samsung has confirmed the sizes of the displays through the latest FCC filings.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 (SM-X710), which is the 11-inch successor to the 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, is confirmed as having a diagonal display size of 277mm, which equals 10.905 inches.

Tablet brands almost always have to round off the inches used in the marketing, so this is just a normal way of doing things. The precise display size for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (SM-X700) is 278.1mm, which equals 10.948 inches.

But then again the actual display is new for the 11-inch version of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, since Samsung has finally reverted back to an OLED display even for their smallest tablet in the S-series flagship line, similar to what the larger two models already have, and what used to be a staple of Samsung’s flagship tablets.

The length and width of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is 254mm x 167mm.


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