Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Tablets FCC Approved

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Tab S9 tablets have been FCC approved, which tells us that we are getting closer to the launch.

If history is any guidance, then the S8 tablets were spotted with their FCC approvals about 3 weeks before their unveiling, so the new S9 flagship tablets are on track for a launch relatively soon, in line with the expectations.

Samsung has been good at hiding the most juicy specs, but we are able to get a few confirmations nonetheless.

Location of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Wi-Fi antennas

The three tablets have been certified with the same size batteries as those on the respective S8 tablets.

Obvious specifications such as Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 can also be confirmed of course, along with optional 5G.

And when looking at the models that were tested, I can both see that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets were confirmed as compatible with the current keyboards, charger, travel charger , and S-Pens, but also that Samsung has made new keyboards.

For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ now has new keyboards assigned with the model numbers EF-DX810 (Wi-Fi) and EF-DX815.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 S-Pen which is still a wirelessly charging and magnetic pen, also has a new firmware.

Among other mentionable details are the location of the Wi-Fi antennas if you were curious about that.

As well as the location of the two 5G antennas, seen here in red. The support pages for all three Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 tablets have also started to go online.

Samsung has probably stopped manufacturing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablets by now, so soon it won't be possible to buy them new anymore, and as such they are on sale in June.

Location of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 5G antennas

– Tom Bowen