Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Benchmarks Before The Unveiling

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 benchmarks have been identified, and given how it fits with timing and their very high probability of being true, they are worth a look.

So far it has been the presumed 11 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and the 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra that has been benchmarked.

However, all three Tab S9 tablets, including the 12.4-inch tablet are expected to run the exact same processor, RAM, and storage, so technically they should have the same benchmark scores.

Which makes the first set of benchmark results all the more puzzling.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 benchmarks

The 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 (SM-X716B) was benchmarked with single core figures up to 1929, and multi core figures 4735, running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor at up to 3.36 Ghz with Android 13 in Geekbench 6.

Meanwhile, the 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (SM-X916B) was benchmarked with single core figures up to 2054, and multi core figures up to 5426, which makes for a noteworthy discrepancy between these two Tab S9 tablets, despite both tablets specified with the exact same setup in all other areas.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra benchmarks
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra benchmarks

So far we can only speculate as to why. The hardware could actually still be different. Samsung also could have ran the S9 Ultra more efficiently without any unnecessary apps taking up processing capacity. Or Samsung like some other brands did one of the famous temporary benchmark optimizations on the Tab S9 Ultra so that it clocked in a better performance. We don't know.

We should give Samsung the benefit of doubt at this point, and just wait and see until we can test it objectively.

What we can extrapolate though is that either figures shows that the Tab S9 is tens of percent faster now than the Tab S8 tablets.

Compared to Apples flagship iPads, Samsung's Tab S9 tablets is still some distance behind the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro in 2023, which with its Apple M2 processor clocks in Geekbench 6 benchmark scores of 2550 in single core and over 9400 in multi core.

But as far as Android tablets go, Samsung is giving the S9 tablets flagship worthy specs.

– Jim Miller