Lots Of Huawei Tablets Bluetooth Certified

Huawei has just had a large amount of devices Bluetooth certified this week, and with that quite a lot of tablets too.

And some of these tablets are new, with model numbers we haven't seen before. They were all certified with Bluetooth 5.1, which is the only piece of specs that leaks from the Bluetooth certification organization.

But Huawei tablets with the model number prefix LAS, DFY, GLU, GIG, FSL, KRJ, WGR, HLT, DBY, and BIZ, were all there, so some of these could be the fabled Huawei MatePad Pro 5G 10.8 and 12.8 tablets.

There are currently conflicting reports about how Huawei will proceed with regards the use of Google's Android OS because of the recent US government imposed ban. It may be that Huawei decides to ditch Google for good.

The newest Android tablet from Huawei is the very excellent Huawei MatePad Pro, and under normal circumstances it would have been available with Android 10 right now.

– Tom Bowen