Google Partners With Acer For Piece Of Tablet PC’s In Education Market

According to a report from Want China Times, Acer have partnered with Google to make educational Android tablets for the US with the hope of grabbing a piece of the lucrative educational market.

Most tablet manufacturers have been trying to get into the educational market, including Samsung, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, with HP being the last one to create tablets for that purpose, or by simply adding features to suite the education market.

Acer’s tablets are said to be made with built-in educational content, where the apps comes from Google Play for Education. The tablets are said to be 10.1-inch Android tablets.

Maverick Shih, president of Acer BYOC and tablets division, also said that Acer is planning new 7-inch voice calling tablets as well as gaming tablets up ahead.

– Jim Miller

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