Bing Rewards Gives Surface RT Tablets To Schools

How do you move a couple hundred thousand Windows RT tablets that few people want to put their hard earned cash into these days?

Bing Rewards = Surface RT tablets for schools
Bing Rewards = Surface RT tablets for schools

We were wondering.
Microsoft's answer came today, when they launched the Bing for Schools initiative for their Surface RT's, which according to Microsoft is merely “Microsoft’s continued focus on promoting digital literacy in education.”

Somehow this “continued focus on promoting digital literacy in education” only affects Surface RT tablets though. And it's a “pilot program.”

This is how it works.
Bing for Schools is basically Bing Search without ads. Then there's Bing Rewards, which rewards users for using Bing Search. So now, the more credits/points people generate through Bing Rewards the more credits each user can dispose of later on at Bing Rewards. Each time a designated school has accumulated 30,000 credits from its supports, Microsoft will then convert those points into a Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover for a school of your choice.

How much does it take to generate 30,000 credits? Microsoft claims that “60 people using Bing Rewards can earn a Surface RT a month for a school.”

Bing for Schools = Selfies
Bing for Schools = Selfies

All US schools are eligible for Bing for Schools, and everyone can sign up for Bing Rewards, and designate what school they want their points designated to.

Considering how much money Microsoft have made in license fees from schools all over the world during the past 30 years, Microsoft could instead have just given away these tablets to the schools most in need.

Bing for Schools
Bing Rewards

– Jim Miller