Tri-Fold TCL Foldable With Keyboard Split Seen In New Video

Twitter user Fold Universe leaked a new video of the 10.1-inch foldable concept from TCL today along with a more detailed picture of it.

TCL has showcased foldables and rollable concept devices for years, but have yet to actually produce one so far. The 10.1-inch foldable we see here is the second concept of a tri-fold foldable tablet phone we’ve seen from TCL.

And what makes this foldable special is that one of the folds are on the lower 1/4 of the display, where this bit becomes a dedicated keyboard while the tablet is set up in portrait mode. A rear kickstand helps it stand up on its own.

Most people would want a kickstand that keeps the tablet upright in landscape mode though. But since this is likely just a new concept from TCL, it’s still interesting to see what they are experimenting with and trialing.

– Tom Bowen

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