TCL Showcase Its Tri-Fold Tablet Phone And Rollable Display Concepts

TCL showcased its foldable concepts today, where they showed off both the rollable TCL tablet phone we wrote about in February, as well as their 10-inch tri-fold large scale tablet.

TCL is mainly just looking for some public interest and feedback from their concepts at this stage, so not even TCL knows if any of these foldables should ever be put into production.

From a tablet perspective, they are both a little interesting. The rollable concept is 9mm thick, and should theoretically be fitted with a motor that rolls the display in and out, from a 6.75-inch phone, to a 7.8-inch tablet.

But the tri-fold tablet concept is even more interesting when you actually need a larger screen. The TCL tri-fold folds inward and outward with both TCL's DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge, from a 10-inch tablet to a 6.65-inch smartphone with a 3K display.

The main drawback of this tri-fold concept so far is the fact that it's very thick when folded. But if TCL can solve that problem, they will be onto something.

– Tom Bowen