Samsung’s SSD T1 Portable Hard Drive Becomes A Hit

Samsung announced a new portable hard drive in January this year, but unfortunately it happened off most people’s radar, which is a shame considering how good and unique it is the world of external hard drives:
Called Samsung T1 (or Samsung SSD T1), this is a very small external hard drive in three configurations; 250GB, 500GB, or 1TB of storage. It has a 450 MB/s write speed and USB 3.0 connection, with additional support for USB 2.0 as well. For security it has 256-bit Easy Password Protection (AES) encryption.

The most unusual thing about it as an external hard drive is its reliability compared to the external / portable hard drives from Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba that have dominated the market the past 10 years.

Samsung T1 size
The size of Samsung T1

The other thing is the size. It is very small, no larger than a power bank. And while some of the other portable hard drive manufactures also manufacture small portable hard drives, they tend to get less reliable the smaller they get, which does not yet seem to be a problem with the Samsung T1.

It’s interesting to see Samsung taking over the computer storage market with their higher quality items. Last year Samsung also introduced their rugged and waterproof microSD and SD memory card card series PRO, EVO, and Standard.

Ever since their introduction these high-quality memory cards have taken quite a chunk out of the market of the former leaders in the field. The overall benefit is a rise in the quality of all of these storage devices, and this is an area where quality is of utmost importance, so we need Samsung in the storage field.

At CES 2015 last month, the Samsung T1 even won as much as 8 awards.

1TB portable hard drive
Samsung T1 portable hard drive
Samsung T1 portable hard drive
– Jim Miller