Samsung Announce Commitment To Android Updates On Tablets – With S-Series Guaranteed Android 11,12, And 13 Upgrades

Samsung made an announcement of the rare kind today, when they reiterated their commitment to updating Android devices as new Android OS versions rolls out from Google.

Specifically, Samsung guaranteed Android updates for three generations on select Samsung tablets and smartphones.

Which means that if you have one of these Samsung tablets that now runs Android 10, you are also guaranteed an update to Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13.

So today Samsung guaranteed that all the current and upcoming tablets in the flagship S-series will receive 3 generations of upgrades. The Samsung tablets are the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G which are already on the market, as well as the upcoming tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 5G and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ / Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G.

This should make the well equipped Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite one of the most popular tablets of 2020, considering that it's now just a $299 tablet that's guaranteed to be upgraded up to Android 13.

Samsung Tablets Android Updates Android 11 12 13 Upgrades

– Tom Bowen