Samsung Aims To Launch Their First Foldable Tablet Phones In 2018

Samsung have been working on foldable tablets and tablet phones for years without launching any, and while Samsung could have launched such devices at the end of 2016 already, they decided not to, among other things because they felt that the key technologies weren't good enough yet.

But on September 12, Samsung mobile president Koh Dong-jin said during a press event for the Galaxy Note 8 in Seoul, that the goal is for Samsung to launch a foldable tablet phone in 2018, but also added the sobering caution that Samsung will only launch any such devices once the problems of the technologies have been overcome.

So as we have seen again and again before, Samsung waits for both the markets and the technologies to mature before they launch a device that can meet their financial and long term goals.

Samsung have previously been rumored to be working on two such foldable tablets, one of which is a 5-inch phone with a 8-inch tablet screen when unfolded. The codename for the project have been “Project Valley.”

More recently however, minor journalistic leaks on devices such as Samsung Galaxy X, Samsung SM-G888, and Samsung OWY have all carried traces of possibly being something related to foldable Samsung tablets. But as Samsung have said itself now, we should not hold our breath while waiting for these tablets.

Last week it was rumored that ZTE might have built a foldable tablet phone already called ZTE Axon Multy, and that it might even be launched with AT&T in October this year.

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– Jim Miller