Samsung Galaxy X Now Looks Like A Dual-Screen Smartphone Not Foldable Tablet After Interface Leaks

The much respected Samsung Galaxy tracking site in The Netherlands did some proper journalistic digging this week and came up with several examples of interfaces from the patents for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X, one of Samsung's first foldable mobile devices.

But instead of being a foldable one-screen tablet that can flex and fold in the middle, the latest evidence suggests that Samsung Galaxy X will be a dual-screen phone just like the foldable dual-screen smartphone ZTE Axon M.

Samsung's upcoming Android phone with two screens has four different modes (main screen on, rear screen on, both screens on, both off) but also a seemingly endless list of combinations because of the many apps and features Samsung offers in combination with Android. And it feels like Samsung has put years of efforts into this device.

So the amount of features and combination features may be some kind of overwhelming almost, taking into consideration lots of gesture support too which comes in very handy when considering the many different modes of this dual-screen phone.

Samsung Galaxy X also looks like a dual-SIM phone with enhanced support for smartwatches. The launch is expected in 2018. Samsung have even said so themselves, while also commenting that they will only launch it if they feel the device is mature enough.

– Tom Bowen