Nintendo Switch Lite In Store Ahead of September 20th Launch

The new Nintendo Switch Lite that was announced on July 10th is in stores taking pre-orders ahead of its September 20th launch date:

The price of Nintendo Switch Lite is $199 or $100 less than the larger 6.2-inch Nintendo Switch. And while the Switch Lite lacks some of the features of the original Switch, it still runs Nintendo Switch OS with support for over 2000 gaming titles as of now, with new games launching at an average of 75 new games each month.

The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite had been rumored on and off for 2 years before the unveiling, but it was also rumored alongside a larger Nintendo Switch XL.

Since the Switch Lite unveiling there's been no credible rumor or leaks that either confirms or dismisses a potential future larger Nintendo Switch XL, but at least it had originally been rumored to feature 4K support and more powerful hardware than the Tegra X1 chipset of the original Nintendo Switch.

With Nvidia Tegra Shield no longer receiving Android updates, that means the market is open for powerful gaming tablets in the 7- to 8-inch range as there are no other mainstream competitors in that category at the moment.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

– Jim Miller