The Next NVIDIA Tablet

Speculations have become rife during the last week over the possibility of a new tablet from NVIDIA.

(UPDATED: See newest article on NVIDIA Shield Tablet)

NVIDIA recently had a small tablet and Shield-looking gaming device appear in FCC filings, but without giving away any details whatsoever concerning specs.

The Tegra Note 7 tablet was launched in November last year, so a 4G LTE version of that tablet have been expected already.

But now a new yet empty web page at the address: have made people speculate whether a new gaming tablet is on its way.

By looking at the META data (what appears in title and description of web search) of the web page, it looks like trying to define what “SHIELD Tablet” is can go both ways, and that it's both an app and a new tablet.

Here is what is says in the title: “SHIELD Tablet – Android Game – Download It Now,” while the description reads: “Download SHIELD Tablet for your Tegra powered tablet or smartphone. Check out the latest SHIELD Tablet reviews, comments, gameplay images and videos”.

The eagerness to find out what kind of device NVIDIA have in stores for us next lies with the promise of what the new Tegra K1 processor with 192 GPU cores can do. That processor have now found its way into the prototype Google Tango developer tablet.

So for now all we can do is assume that whatever tablet device or devices will be coming out next from NVIDIA, it will have the Tegra K1 processor together with a high-resolution display, and run Android OS naturally. We should have the answer over the summer.

– Tom Bowen