Google Adding 3D Cameras To Tablets

According to the latest Google tablet rumors, of which there is never any shortage, its now said that a new Nexus tablet could include 3D cameras.

The rumors originate from WSJ, who says that 4,000 prototypes are going into production in June.

Basically it's just a 7-inch tablet with two rear cameras, an infrared depth sensor, and 3D image rendering software that can create 3D models of girlfriends for male geeks on the fly. Variations of similar technology is offered for smartphones and tablets by several companies already, like from Spike, seen in the first video below.

Google's version is using a live cam instead based on the technology from Project Tango seen in the video below, where the sensors make millions of 3D measurements every second. As with all new technology, it's said to have been invented to save the world somehow, but I'll guarantee you that other uses will become much more prevalent.

With Google's developer event Google I/O taking place between June 25–26, we should get an update then.

– Tom Bowen