May 20 Microsoft Surface Event

Microsoft have sent out invitations to the press the last day, where they invite members of the press to New York for a gathering.

(UPDATE: Only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was unveiled.)

The invitation comes from Microsoft’s Surface division, so at least we know it’s Surface tablet related, and with the Surface 4G LTE model out already, we can only assume that it’s the unveiling of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or a possible Microsoft Surface Mini.

The Microsoft Surface Mini rumors started to become credible only about 6 weeks ago despite various rumors having circulated for 2 years already. So the timing could be right, and it will be exciting to see if it actually is the Mini that will appear, and if it will be any good.

The event begins at 11:00 am on May 20th, East Cost time. Until then, let’s hope for a real leak.

What have these two people been cooking up together?

What have these two people been cooking up together?

– Tom Bowen

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