Lenovo Tab Extreme Leaks – Hot Lenovo Tablet For 2023

Lenovo has several new and unannounced tablets in the pipeline that will launch in the months ahead. The last Lenovo tablet we leaked was the Lenovo Tab M8 (4th Gen).

But XDA Developers wrote earlier today that a tablet by the name Lenovo Tab Extreme has showed up in the Google Play Console for developers, who can look at the specs sheet ahead of launch, and reconfigure apps in advance.

It happens occasionally that some of those specs are wrong, and they also only display one of the models, so it never provides a complete picture, but it's still a good indication of what to expect in general.

New Photos Of Lenovo Tab Extreme Leaks

The Lenovo Tab Extreme (TB570FU/XU) is listed as an Android 13 tablet with a powerful new MediaTek MT8798Z/CZA chipset at 3.05 GHz, with 8GB RAM, and a 3000 x 1876 resolution display at 320 dpi.

This is the first time this tablet has leaked, but these specs are very promising, and could point to a new large flagship tablet from Lenovo, that will go head to head against 14.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Lenovo is no stranger to large tablets either. Back in 2013, Lenovo launched the 27-inch “table PC” Lenovo Horizon which was intended as a family gathering tablet / AIO, although it mostly ended up in conference rooms, hospitals, and the education sector.

The 27-inch Horizon

The Lenovo Extreme moniker on the other hand is a name used for many of Lenovo's top of the line computer products, with the most familiar products probably being the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme.

The next computer event now is the CES in January 2023, so it's possible that we'll get an unveiling of the Lenovo Tab Extreme then.

– Tom Bowen