New Photos Of Lenovo Tab Extreme Leaks

While it's already been known that Lenovo will show off a number of tablets at CES 2023 already, some additional pictures have been leaked of one of them.

And it's the Lenovo Tab Extreme (TB570) that had its specs leaked in mid-November already.

But thanks to Evan Blass some additional press renders have leaked ahead of the CES in a few days.

Lenovo Tab Extreme

From before we known that the specs for at least one of the models of the Lenovo Tab Extreme includes Android 13, the new MediaTek MT8798Z/CZA processor at 3.05 GHz, 8GB RAM, and a 3000 x 1876 resolution display.

I'm also hearing from Chinese colleagues that this high resolution screen will sport an OLED display. So Lenovo's Extreme tablet should make some headlines.

lenovo tab extreme (tb750)

– Jim Miller