Huawei MediaPad M7 Leaked – Looks More Similar To iPad Pro

The Huawei MediaPad M6 tablets were launched in June in three different versions, from 8.4-inch to 10.8-inch.

Now the first leak on what may be a successor, currently being labeled Huawei MediaPad M7, have leaked in an image from 91mobiles, where it's claimed that this new Huawei tablet seen in the image is codenamed “Marx” and has color options of black or white. Another Huawei MediaPad M7 image have also leaked through Chinese social media.

I recall that a couple of Huawei keyboards with the codenames C-Marx and C-Wagner were officially certified during August, so the codenames fit.

No specs have leaked so far, so the rest would be up to speculation this early in the game. But the purported images shows us that this Huawei tablet seems larger than their current 10.8-inch tablets, even when taking into consideration the more narrow bezels where the home button with fingerprint reader have been removed.

Huawei MediaPad M7

This makes it appear much like an iPad Pro. Another thing we notice is that it appears to have been given a new Huawei M Pen digitizer that looks more like an Apple Pencil, and that it has a carved out ditch alongside it, perhaps to help keep this magnetically attached stylus in place.

And it features an optional keyboard just like on the Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro.

It could be that Huawei will expand their tablet range even further with a new Pro range of tablets just like Apple, or just quite simply replace their current Pro.

Since it's possible to get up to 6GB RAM on the top model of the MediaPad M6 at the moment, we should expect good performances from a tablet that looks like this Huawei tablet too.

– Jim Miller