How to Record Videos While Playing Music From YouTube on iPhone

Want to record videos while playing music from YouTube on your iPhone? Normally, when you open the camera app to record a video, the music playback on YouTube stops. Similarly, if you play music on YouTube, video recording on the camera app stops. But there is a weird way to play YouTube Music and record videos simultaneously. Here's how you can do that.

Record Video Playing Music From YouTube on an iPhone

  1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone and play any video or music. This method should work on the YouTube Music app or any other music-playing app as well.

Playing music on YouTube app on iPhone

  1. Swipe down from the top left to open the notification center.

Opening notification panel on iPhone

  1. Long-press on the camera icon in the bottom right to open the camera app.

Opening Camera icon from notification center on iPhone

  1. You should now be using the camera app while still playing YouTube in the background, which isn't possible normally.

Camera app on the iPhone

  1. Instead of switching to the video tab directly, swipe the shutter icon to the right in the photo tab to start recording the video and play the music from YouTube.

  2. Once done, tap on the stop icon to stop recording the video.

That way, you will be able to play music from YouTube even while recording a video on your iPhone from the camera app.

Is It Legal to Upload the Recorded Video Online

The answer is both yes and no. You can upload the video on YouTube and other social media sites like TikTok and Instagram under the fair use protection if it is less than 1 minute. However, legally, there is no specific time limit for any media. So, a shorter video is always better. More importantly, you cannot monetize media that contains copyrighted material.

But if you want to record a video to save your memories, there is no time limit. It is completely legal to record a video when the copyrighted music playing in the background is for your personal use.

How YouTube Plays Music in Background Without Premium

YouTube isn't playing the video in the background. You can open the notification center when the YouTube video is playing, and it won't stop the playback. Similarly, when you open the camera through the notification center, the OS thinks you are still on the notification center, allowing you to play music while recording video.

How It Differs From Adding Music When Recording TikTok or Instagram Videos

The major difference is the time. Now you can continue recording the video and playing the YouTube song for as long as you want. Whereas TikTok and Instagram have a limit of up to 3 minutes or 1 minute respectively. You can also play YouTube playlists with your favorite songs one after another, which isn't possible with other methods.

What Other Apps You Can Try

Not just YouTube, but any other video or music streaming app should work using this trick. We have tried YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Spotify, which worked perfectly while recording the video. You can also play music you have purchased from iTunes with any music player app.

Multitasking Where and When Needed

iPhone only allows you to use either the camera app or the YouTube app by default. Even if you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, your video will stop playing in the background as soon as you open the camera. But when you open the notification center and swipe the shutter icon to open video mode, you should be able to do both without any issues.