Fire Max 11 Benchmark Scores – Lots Of Processor For The Price

I took a look at the first Amazon Fire Max 11 benchmarks, and the results are interesting when compared to both other Fire tablets as well as the most popular Android tablets with the closest size.

So if you want to look at the benchmark scores before you buy the Fire Max 11, here they are.

The tablet was benchmarked by Amazon 3 times in Geekbench 5 before the unveiling. In single-core it scored between 694 to 695, while in multi-core, it scored 1882 the first time, then 1926 and 1929 the next two times.

It runs the octa-core Mediatek MT8188JV/A processor at frequencies of up to 2.20 GHz on the Sunstone motherboard.

Amazon Fire Max 11 Benchmark Scores
Amazon Fire Max 11 Benchmark Scores

So, if we compare these Fire Max 11 benchmark scores to those of the Fire HD 10, we can see that in total, the speed and power is just over double of the 305 single-core and 1170 multi-core scores averages of the Fire HD 10.

Even the popular 10.5-inch Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, only manages an average benchmark performance of 370 in single-core, and 1280 in multi-core.

Which means that in a price to performance ratio, the Fire Max 11 offers quite a lot of processor for the money.

– Tom Bowen