Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Increase Drop Performance By 60%

Gorilla Glass tablets

Corning have spent the last two days announcing the new and improved Gorilla Glass 5, their toughest display protection yet, from a company that says it has seen 4.5 billion smartphones and tablets implement the Gorilla Glass built-in screen protection.

Corning says that the new Gorilla Glass 5 increase drop performance by 60% over Gorilla Glass 4. Their own testing have shown that for instance phones dropped from 1.6 meters of height onto asphalt, have a 80% screen survival rate if the phones are equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.

Gorilla Glass 5 devices are still some time away from hitting the market, but the some of the latest Gorilla Glass tablets launched this year include HP Elite x2 and Toshiba Dynapad N72.

Gorilla Glass offers more than just drop protection, since the scratch resistance is very good too, without affecting resolution or touch sensitivity. Corning says that over 1800 products across 40 major tablet and phone brands are using Gorilla Glass to protect their screens from cracks and scratches today.

Gorilla Glass 5 tablets

– Tom Bowen

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