12″ Toshiba Dynapad N72 (WT12) Released In U.S.

The 12-inch Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet Toshiba Dynapad N72 (WT12) now has a US release date of January 30. Hey, that’s today. The launch price is $569:

The brand new 12-inch Windows 10 tablet Toshiba Dynapad N72 was first unveiled in Japan on October 13, before it was then released first in Japan too in December.

Compared to what else is on the market right now, the Toshiba Dynapad has a good price to value ratio. The essence of this tablet is about offering a 12-inch productivity tablet that utilize all that Windows 10 can offer in this regard, along with a top of the line high-precision Wacom Active Electrostatics (ES) TruPen digitizer pen that has 2048 pressure levels of sensitivity. And the pen is included in the price too.

Toshiba Dynapad N72
Toshiba Dynapad N72

So the Toshiba Dynapad N72 is a tablet that is significantly cheaper than a Surface Pro 4, but that can still do some of the same things that the Surface can, and at almost the same dimensions.

At launch, this tablet is the thinnest and lightest 12-inch Windows tablet, at 6.9 mm and 579 grams. But the thickness record will only stand until the 6.3 mm thick Samsung Galaxy TabPro S launches later in February. Toshiba has actually used carbonfiber to wrap up the tablet with.

But this tablet is by far the lightest 12-inch Windows 10 tablet on the market today. The weight of other tablets in the same category, begins at as much as a tablet and large smartphone put together, or just over 700 grams.

Toshiba Dynapad N72 specifications include a 12-inch IPS screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, 10-point touch support, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and the aforementioned top of the range digitizer support for the included pen.

This 64-bit Windows 10 tablet is powered by a quad-core “Cherry Trail” Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor, with Intel HD GPU, 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM (1600 MHZ), and 64GB of storage with 128GB microSD card support.

The front camera measures 2MP, while the rear camera measures 8MP, while the tablet has 2 mics, and Dolby Digital Plus enabled stereo speakers.

Ports include two micro-USB 2.0 ports, a micro-HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm audio combo jack, while it has digital compass, accelerometer, and gyro for sensors.

The Wi-Fi has us covered, with support for 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, as well as Bluetooth 4.0. The battery life from the 22.5 WHr lithium-ion battery is on average 7 hours.

Included features, counts such apps as TruNote, TruNote Clip, TruCapture, and TruRecorder for increased productivity.

The full-size keyboard is very solid, works as a cover too, and has a built in stand for the tablet.

A lot of people have been waiting for the release of this tablet, so it’s good to finally see it available outside of Japan too.

Toshiba Dynapad N72 US Release

Toshiba Dynapad N72 digitizer pen

Toshiba Dynapad N72 cover

Toshiba Dynapad N 72

– Tom Bowen