The 10 First Possible New Samsung Tablets In 2014

No tablet computer manufacturer is going to want to miss the tablet push in 2014, as the market is now very competitive with the tablet selection never having been greater. The two high-end tablet manufacturers Asus and Samsung have many tablets planned for 2014, with Samsung possibly having 10 tablets in the pipeline for 2014 already, and that’s just what’s based on what is known and rumored now by the end of December. More new models will be added later in the year as well. But for the moment, here’s a quick look at the possibly 10 first upcoming Samsung tablets for 2014.

(2014 UPDATE: See all the Samsung tablets of 2014 that have been unveiled and launched. Continuously updated.)

We might see a few Samsung AMOLED tablets soon. The first of these are expected to be 8-inch and 10.1-inch Android tablets, with the possibility of even a 10.5-inch AMOLED tablet. The first two could even be the two Pro labeled tablets below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite
The cheap 7-inch budget tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is expected to be the first Samsung tablet to be launched in 2014. Probably at CES in Las Vegas, so sometime during the first to weeks of January for this Android tablet. This is a $99 budget tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
Next up could be the much awaited 12.2-inch Samsung tablet, with release perhaps in mid-February sometime.
This could be a flagship tablet for Samsung with 2560 x 1600 resolution, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, integrated S Pen stylus, Android 4.4 and a large battery at 9500mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
This tablet should be near identical to the 12.2-inch Note Pro, but since it’s not a part of the Note line, it won’t feature an integrated S Pen or the features that comes with Note tablets.
Other than that, the hardware specs and most of the apps will in all probability be the same.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
This Android tablet is expected to appear about the same time as the 12.2-inch Note, so mid-February for this tablet too. The feelings about 8-inch tablets are diverse. Some find it too large for a compact tablet, and at 8.4-inches it’s the largest one of the 8-inchers, with the 8.3-inch LG G Pad being nearest, and the next tablets being the 8.9-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and HD with 2560 x 1600 and 1920 x 1200 resolution respectively.

Samsung Tablets 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
As an addition to the 10.1-inch Android tablet Galaxy Tab 3, this 10.1-inch tablet have been spotted at FCC and is expected to be launched in March sometime.

Samsung Ativ Book 9
An additional Windows 8.1 tablet to the Samsung Ativ Book line, supposed to be very exclusive, with leather stitching and four loud speakers. But also priced over $1000.

Samsung Ativ Q
This is a 13.3-inch dual-OS tablet that was supposed to be released in 2013, but was canceled before release due to legal issues. The tablet has been produced and a few of them are sitting in storage, they just haven’t been released yet.

However, an insider claims Samsung will release a 13.3-inch tablet in 2014. It’s just not known yet if it will be the Ativ Q, or a different tablet.

The first official clarification will come from the CES in early January. Tabletmonkeys will update along the way and keep track of all new tablets for 2014. So stay tuned.

Until then – Happy Holidays to all our readers and followers!

– Tom Bowen

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