Xiaomi VP Asks For Tablet Feature Suggestions

Xiaomi tablet rumors have traditionally always been the least reliable tablet rumors of them all, but things may be improving in that area as the first Xiaomi tablet news in 2021 comes from the Xiaomi VP himself.

Just as China starts to celebrate the new year, Xiaomi vice president and product planner Lu Weibing asked on his Weibo account yesterday what suggestions they have for a new Xiaomi tablet.

Xiaomi have asked their audience for product feedback directly many times over the last year, so it's not an entirely new approach.

So it's too early to speculate about the specs at this point, but at least it sounds like Xiaomi will work on launching new tablets in 2021.

Though the Xiaomi foldable is expected to launch before their tablets, and when that folds out it is the size of a small tablet PC.

– Tom Bowen