Xiaomi Foldable To Launch Before New Xiaomi Tablet According To Latest Rumor

The latest rumor about some of Xiaomi's important plans for 2021, now says that both a high-end Xiaomi foldable as well as a new Xiaomi tablet PC will launch in 2021.

According to leaker Digital Chat Station this weekend, the first Xiaomi foldable will launch before the new Xiaomi tablet.

Xiaomi rumors have always been the most sketchy ones, but this latest source does lend some credibility to the rumor, and let's not forget, two months ago it was leaked by XDA Developers that there is support for a foldable Xiaomi device in the MIUI OS source code.

Back then the Xiaomi foldable with the codename Cetus, showed support for a 108MP camera and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

A brief glimpse of the official prototype / concept device

According to display industry expert Ross Young, anyone from Google, to Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi will all launch foldables in 2021, so the rivalry between these new upcoming high specs flagship devices will push the envelope a bit between the tablet and smartphone sectors too. Apple is not expected to launch a foldable before 2022.

Nothing really seems to be known about Xiaomi's upcoming tablet specs though, since the last round of rumors for the purported tablet turned out to be incorrect. But at least a new Xiaomi tablet now seems to be launching in 2021.

– Jim Miller