Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablets In The Sizes 10.4″ – 11″ – 12.6″ – 14″

Xiaomi released the two Xiaomi Mi Pad tablets in August last year, both of which are still some of the most satisfying tablets on the market today.

And leaked information have recently acknowledge that new and more Xiaomi tablets are in the pipeline for launch in 2022, but now it looks like we are in for even bigger news.

According to the reputable leaker Digital Chat Station earlier this week, the next Mi Pad tablets from Xiaomi will not just be new 11″ tablets, but possibly a 10.4″ tablet, a 12.6″ tablet, and a large 14″ tablet too, as Xiaomi is experimenting with all of these form factor sizes.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 6

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

Microsoft already has a 15″ Surface Book 3 tablet on the market, and Samsung famously launched the 14.6″ Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra earlier this year.

And then with Apple working on a 14.1″ iPad for 2023 too, it makes sense that more tablet brands starts launching increasingly larger tablets.

– Jim Miller

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