x64 Emulation Starting Rollout In November For Qualcomm Powered Windows Tablets

The chief product officer for Microsoft, Panos Panay, announced today that Microsoft will be rolling out x64 emulation to the Windows Insider Program this November.

This will help the few Windows on ARM tablets that are on the market these days, though there are very few right now since all computer manufacturers have waited for improved app compatibility before they would launch second or third generation Windows on ARM devices, as the sales of their first generation devices was sluggish.

A few of these Qualcomm powered Windows tablets were well liked by a small group of people though, with tablets such as the HP Envy x2 and Lenovo Miix 630, and after Microsoft launched their own Windows on ARM 2-in-1 tablet last year with the Surface Pro X, Microsoft made app compatibility more of a focus.

Microsoft says that Visual Studio code has been updated and optimized for Windows 10 on ARM too, so let's see if that has any positive effect on apps ran on Qualcomm powered Windows tablets over the next couple of months.

Today's announcement coincides with the expected unveiling of the new Surface Pro X 2 tomorrow.

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X

– Tom Bowen