Samsung SM-W700 Unlikely To Launch Before 2016

We discovered a purported Samsung SM-W700 tablet back in September, when it had been imported from Samsung's South Korea to India for testing, but since then there's been no new leaks.

We have been asked about this a few times since then from people who wanted to buy a new computer before or for Christmas, which is understandable because there have been talks about a upcoming 2-in-1 Windows tablet from Samsung with high specs, and the model number and the few details that came out of India seemed to be a likely match.

(UPDATE: See the latest news for the Samsung SM-W700)

The timing of the purported first leaks and rumors made it likely to assume that this model would come out in November. But since there's been no news about this device since then, it would seem that if this device is still meant to be launched by Samsung, it now seems unlikely to be announced before January 2016. If it is still on the horizon at all.

The competition with the two new Surface tablets as well as the new 4k computer Dell XPS 12 would have been an uphill battle. The next trade show now is CES in Las Vegas starting January 6.

Samsung have launched a Windows 10 4K computer now in November, but that's the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro, a 15.6-inch laptop.

12-Inch Samsung SM-W700 Windows 10 Tablet Leaks

– Jim Miller