12 Effective Solutions to Fix Discord Crashing or Freezing on Mobile

Discord is a popular communication platform for gamers and communities. However, it can be frustrating when Discord keeps crashing or freezing on your mobile device. In this article, we will explore various solutions to fix this issue on both Android and iPhone.

Restart Your Phone

Before diving into more complex solutions, try restarting your phone. This simple step can refresh the device and resolve any temporary glitches or errors causing Discord to crash.

Check Discord's Status

Sometimes, Discord servers experience issues that can affect its performance on your mobile device. Before trying other solutions, check the status of Discord servers on downdetector.com. If there are outages or problems with Discord itself, you will see them on the graph.

Check Storage Space

If Discord keeps crashing on startup, it's important to ensure that your phone has enough free storage space. If your phone's storage is almost full, try freeing up space by deleting unnecessary files or apps. On Android, go to Settings > Storage or Settings > Device Care > Storage to check available space. On iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

Clear Cache (Android)

For Android users, clearing the cache and data of the Discord app can help resolve crashing issues. Clearing the cache removes temporary files without affecting your chats or servers. To do this, go to Settings > Apps, find Discord, and tap on it. Then, tap on Storage followed by Clear cache. If Discord keeps freezing, you can also tap on Clear data.

Update the App

Sometimes, app crashes are caused by bugs that developers quickly fix in updates. Make sure you have the latest version of Discord installed on your device. On Android, open the Play Store, search for Discord, and tap on the Update button. On iOS, open the App Store, find Discord, and tap on Update.

Turn off Hardware Scaling

Discord has experimental features designed to enhance user experience. However, these features can cause freezing issues on older phones. Try turning off hardware scaling to see if it resolves the problem. Tap on the Discord tab at the bottom-right corner, go to User settings, tap on Voice & video, and disable the toggle next to Enable hardware scaling. Restart your phone after making this change.

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

Another feature that could be causing Discord to crash is hardware acceleration. In Discord settings, go to Voice & video and find the Low-latency hardware acceleration section. You can try different options for hardware acceleration or select “Let my operating system decide.” Restart the Discord app after changing this setting.

Turn off Auto Play

By default, Discord automatically plays animated emojis, GIFs, and stickers. If your phone is low on resources, entering a channel full of these elements can cause the app to crash. Disable auto-play behavior to prevent Discord from crashing. Go to Discord Settings, tap on Accessibility, and turn off the toggles next to Automatically play GIFs and Play animated emojis. You can also choose to never animate or animate on interactions for stickers.

Disable VPN

If you are using Discord with a VPN and experiencing crashes, try using Discord without the VPN. VPNs can sometimes interfere with the app's functionality.

Turn off Adaptive Battery

The Adaptive battery feature on Android phones is intended to help users, but it can also cause apps to crash or fail to send notifications. Disable Adaptive battery by going to Settings > Battery (or Settings > Device Care > Battery) and turning off the feature. Additionally, try turning off Power saving or Battery saving mode.

Log out of the App

Logging out of the Discord app and then logging back in can sometimes resolve crashing issues. Tap on the Discord tab at the bottom of the screen, locate the Log out icon, and follow the prompts to log out. Restart your phone and log in again.

Reinstall Discord

If none of the previous solutions work, consider uninstalling the Discord app and reinstalling it. On iPhone, you can also offload the app by going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Discord and tapping on Offload. Offloading the app will keep your Discord data safe while removing the app itself.

I hope these solutions help you fix the issue of Discord crashing or freezing on your Android or iPhone. If the problem persists, you can still access Discord through your mobile browser. Once Discord is working properly, you can explore other features like watching YouTube together on Discord or getting Discord Nitro for free.