Samsung SM-T860 / SM-T865 Tablet Existence Leaked

Reputable Dutch Samsung fansite Galaxy Club have leaked the existence of an as of yet unannounced new Samsung tablet with the model numbers Samsung SM-T860 / SM-T865.

However, with this being the first leak of this Samsung tablet, it seems that this is also all the information available so far. But Galaxy Club has a good track record, so I assume they are just extra early with their leak.

(UPDATED: 6GB RAM Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Benchmarked (SM-T865))

If we are to speculate what kind of tablet the Samsung SM-T860 / SM-T865 is, then we have a few options. First of all this should be a Android tablet, given the series of the model number, unless for the first time, Samsung have changed their model number protocol.

As for what Samsung tablets are missing in Samsung's portfolio right now, that leaves us with the fabled and more powerful non-e Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, a more powerful and feature rich tablet alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

Other unannounced tablets on the wish list of Samsung fans, are a successor to the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, as well as a very powerful new 8-inch tablet to succeed the 2nd version of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0.

The last Samsung SM-T8xx series tablets were the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. So far it has only been the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e that's been given a different classification, as it's in the Samsung SM-T720 / SM-T725 model series.

So with a model number of Samsung SM-T860 / SM-T865, the highest probability for this tablet would be that it's some sort of new Samsung Galaxy Tab S-series tablet.

– Tom Bowen