Samsung Party Audio Leaks + W20 5G Unveiling On November 19

The foldable Samsung W20 5G will be unveiled in China on November 19th according to the newest China Telecom teaser that's published on Weibo.

The views are split between the Samsung W20 being just a Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, or if it's the second Samsung foldable already. The design of the foldable we see in the teaser is actually a little different from the Galaxy Fold, judging by the buttons.

But with 8 days still to go, there's still time for some leaks on this foldable too.

And speaking of Samsung leaks, I also noticed recently that Samsung have some unannounced Bluetooth 5.0 speakers in the pipeline simply called Samsung Party Audio, and the model numbers Samsung MX-T50 / MX-T70. With a name like that, Samsung better come up with something really good. Though in all fairness, Samsung's speaker systems generally keep a good standard.

Sonos released the very popular portable outdoor speaker Sonos Move for $399 in September, and it's been one of the most popular items for people's 2019 Christmas wish list, so let's see if this is the category Samsung is going to launch the Samsung Party Audio in.

Samsung Party Audio

– Tom Bowen