Samsung’s Next Foldable Believed To Be Called Galaxy W20 5G

Samsung’s first foldable has been the Galaxy Fold that is now in the process of launching in limited quantities in market after market.

There’s been a few leaks and rumors around the next couple of Samsung foldables for months too, and now it looks like we may have a name for the second Samsung foldable, as someone seems to have taken a picture of exhibition banner for a foldable flip phone with the name Samsung Galaxy W20 5G, though we can’t verify the original source yet.

It is believed that Samsung’s next two foldables due to launch in 2020 will be something like a 5-inch + 8-inch foldable and 4-inch + 6.8-inch foldable.

But it seems it would be premature to draw the final conclusion that this purported Samsung Galaxy W20 5G from the hall banner is the latter model.

Samsung Galaxy W20 5G

Samsung Galaxy W20 5G

– Tom Bowen

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