Sonos Move – Outdoor Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker Launches September 24th

The new and highly anticipated outdoor speaker Sonos Move is finally launching this coming week on September 24th:

The price for Sonos Move is as much as $399, and at first that seemed like a lot to me, but compared to what you get and compared to Sony's closes alternatives Sonos has priced it relatively well.

And the Sound quality is surprisingly good even outdoors where it's intended to live its days and live up parties. So the Sonos Move may be used as a showcase of how well this company masters even more tricky audio situations like the open outdoors.

Its success may also be helped by its integrated Alexa voice controls, the choice between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and weatherproof IP65 rating.

Definitely one of the most attractive tablet accessories of 2019 with a good user interface for tablets too.

– Jim Miller